Spatha provides professional training and qualification courses for the New Mexico Concealed Carry License to residents of New Mexico that meet the NMDPS specified qualifications. Our 15 hour course is a hybrid online/live course that meets and exceeds NM DPS requirements for licensure.


Realistic training based upon the mastery of foundational skills and knowledge.

Spatha and its instructors provide professional New Mexico Concealed Carry Licensure courses that meet and exceed the NM Dept. of Public Safety requirements for course completion. Our realistic courses are based in fact and real world experience and examples of self-defense encounters and conflict with handguns.

Our courses are held in Albuquerque, New Mexico and are open to all legal New Mexico residents who can legally own a firearm and obtain a concealed carry license. Specific Requirements for the license can be found below.

We offer three (3) different course types depending on your needs and license status:

Upcoming Training Opportunities

  • Jan 28, 2023 – CCW Class/Range Day
*payment and registration opens external site


Our New Mexico Concealed Carry Licensing Course (NM CCW) is a hybrid online/live course that has has been approved by the NM Dept. of Public Safety and exceeds their requirements for completing a licensing course. Spatha students will complete 8 hours of instruction in the comfort of their own home on a device of their choice (Windows, Apple, or Android) that can connect to our online school. The course will finish with another 7 hours of live classroom instruction and a course of live fire at the firing range.

Important Class Information

  • Course Cost: $175.00 plus NM GRT, covers both days of instruction and range fees
  • Physical Classroom location: 7209 Jefferson ST NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
  • Range location: To be announced during classroom instruction
  • Instructor email: Jonathan Grosso –

NM Concealed Carry License Requirements

  • 21 Years or older
  • Resident of NM and US Citizen
  • Completion of NM DPS Approved firearms course (our course fulfills this requirement)
  • Legally able to own and carry a firearm
  • More information and specific requirements can be found at NM DPS website

Required Equipment For Range Qualification

  • Firearm of .32 caliber or higher
  • Holster and belt for firearm
  • Cover garment for firearm
  • 50 rounds of new factory ammunition
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Water
  • Seasonably appropriate clothing and sun protection

Concealed Carry Application Information

  • NM Concealed Carry License Application Cost: $100*
  • More information and specific costs can be found at NM DPS website

*discounts and exclusions may apply to LEO, ex-LEO, and existing and ex-military. Specifics will be given in class but can also be found on the NM DPS website.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Spatha does not refund online courses if the user has successfully logged in and viewed course material. Refunds are typically only given if there is a technical issue disallowing course completion.
  • Refund requests for technical issues, or if you never access the course, can be sent to
  • Students signed up for live classroom portions will be notified if there is a cancellation and given further instructions on rescheduling. If you need to reschedule a live fire registration, please give us 24 hours notice.