An adaptable group of highly motivated, capable and solution oriented individuals with specialized licenses, singular experiences, and valuable insights.

Spatha has provided its specialized solutions, services, and strategic outlook to customers and colleagues in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 10 years. We have adapted and evolved to meet our clients specialized and very specific needs.

Our experienced staff and contractors can aid you and your organization across multiple domains including:

  • Service of Process
  • Specialized Investigations and Skip Tracing
  • Firearms Acquisitions
  • Specialized Training and Education


A small training company, specializing in specific industry and skillset training, grew to become an exclusive private investigation, training, and firearms acquisition firm in a short amount of time.

Spatha started its journey as a small training academy for individuals and groups interested in specialized self-defense. It grew, with demand, to incorporate specialized firearms training and discrete private investigation services.  Spatha cut its investigative teeth in the creditor’s rights industry, assisting banks and their law firms with properties in distress.  Spatha also offers firearms purchasing and acquisition services, as a licensed FFL, to a select clientele.